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300daN Yale HW-C30 Spur Gear Drive Wire Rope Winch
Yale LMG Cable/Wire Rope Grips
Yale LMG Cable/Wire Rope Grips
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Pfaff SIFEKU Safety Ratchet Crank 17mm Square Drive
Yale PB Pulley Blocks
Yale PB Pulley Blocks
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Pfaff SIFEKU Safety Ratchet Crank 14mm Square Drive
800daN Yale HW-C80 Spur Gear Drive Wire Rope Winch
150kg Pfaff LB150 Galvanised Design Wire Rope Winch
350kg Pfaff LB350 Galvanised Design Wire Rope Winch
Pfaff RAKU Safety Ratchet Crank
Pfaff RAKU Safety Ratchet Crank
From £163 (ex vat)
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650kg Pfaff LB650 Galvanised Design Wire Rope Winch
Pfaff S20 Hand Operated Gearbox
300kg Pfaff SW-W ALPHA Wall Mounted Wire Rope Winch
500kg Pfaff SW-W ALPHA Wall Mounted Wire Rope Winch
Pfaff S24 Hand Operated Gearbox
750kg Pfaff SW-W ALPHA Wall Mounted Wire Rope Winch
1000kg Pfaff SW-W ALPHA Wall Mounted Wire Rope Winch

More Information on Hand Winches

Spur gear drive winches are also suitable for use in areas where electricity is not available or where electric appliances cannot be safely operated because of water, mud or dirt. Wire rope winches are often used when the direction of the rope needs to be changed with the addition of a sheave block. Sheave blocks can be fixed to position the wire rope to feed horizontally but leave vertically, making the hoist a lifting hoist without it being fixed vertically above the load. We stock pulley blocks from Yale, with capacities ranging from 1,000kg up to 6,400kg. One side of these Yale pulley blocks is hinged and can be opened for easy and quick positioning of the wire rope on the sheave. It can also provide a quick and versatile rigging point or redirect a wire rope. Our range also includes galvanised manual wire rope winches from Pfaff, which were originally developed as an off-road winch; the console-mounted winch model LB is used today for a variety of lifting and pulling applications. This versatile and efficient manual hand winch, which can be mounted on a base or a column, is lightweight, and fitted with load pressure brake to prevent unintentional lowering of load. Spur gears give high efficiency. We also stock wall-mounted manual winches from Pfaff in a range of capacities. These are versatile wall-mounted winches that allow for the easy lifting of loads. They are multi-positional, easily mountable and lightweight – ideal for any business. Features include a lightweight robust stamped steel housing and compact design. A spur gear drive gives optimal efficiency and comfortable handling. It has an integrated crank with load pressure brake for safe holding of the load. In addition, these winches feature rope lead-offs to all directions. As you’d expect from Pfaff products, these wall-mounted hand-operated winches are high quality and manufactured from the finest of materials. All parts are zinc-plated for increased corrosion protection, while the drum has an additional special coating. Hand Operated Gearboxes can be used as a rotary actuator, as a gearbox for cable winches or as a gearbox for chain drives. Easy and safe operation. Load is held securely due to self locking worm gear which are suitable for a large variety of applications in construction. Enclosed housing for the protection of parts inside. Available with a cast iron or diecast aluminium housing. Pfaff SIFEKU safety ratchet cranks are weather resistant, recoil-proof and maintenance-free. They have a cast aluminium crank with a folding handle and at every height the load is securely held in the pushing and pulling direction. Spring operated load pressure brake is silent in operation and the braking effect is at both ends Both of our suppliers of manual winches, Pfaff and Yale, are renowned for their adherence to high safety standards. Like all products from Lifting365, all our winches for lifting come fully tested and certified, so you can be sure of the quality of your chosen product.