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Expert suppliers of high-quality lifting, material handling and height safety equipment including hoists, winches, hydraulic tools and forklift & crane attachments. Our reputation for supplying the best equipment at excellent prices has led us to form lasting relationships with some of the world’s biggest companies. 

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(Much like the rest of the UK, Wales is a growing economy, with a GDP of £73.1 billion (2018). This growth is largely driven by the Welsh capital city, Cardiff, which has undergone significant regeneration since the late 20th century. Lifting365 is proud to count some of Wales’ biggest companies as customers, supplying them with our wide range of lifting, material handling and height safety equipment. We have established an excellent reputation in Wales and worldwide for supplying quality products at competitive prices. Over the years we have grown our worldwide distribution network to optimise the availability of equipment on our web store and provide timely and accurate deliveries across the globe. We pride ourselves on excellent customer service; our experienced and knowledgeable staff are always available to answer any questions and to provide updates on your orders.

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Lifting Equipment for Every Industry Sector

We supply lifting, material handling and height safety equipment to a wide range of industries and businesses in Wales and worldwide. Some of the industries we are proud to supply include construction, manufacturing, pharmaceutical, fishing, energy and the public sector. Our reputation for selling the highest quality products has led us to form long-term business relationships with some of the world’s biggest companies in these industries. We stock only the best brands, including Yale, Red Rooster Lifting,  Mustang, Eichinger, Pfaff Silberblau, Camlok, Tigrip, William Hackett and Steerman, and all of our products come with certification. Our focus is on providing safe lifting gear, such as hoists and winches, backed up by excellent customer service to ensure you get the right product for your needs. 

Sectors we proudly supply with quality lifting products

  • Construction
  • Manufacturing
  • Public Sector
  • Pharmaceutical
  • Fishing Industry
  • Energy Sector

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We supply a wide range of lifting gear from the world’s most trusted brands, including manual winches, chain hoists and blocks, lifting jacks, beam clamps, lifting chains, chain slings, lifting beams and lifting clamps and magnets. Big or small, we have the right lifting equipment for even the most challenging of environments.

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Our wide range of material handling equipment includes forklift accessories such as wheelie bin tippers, extensions, drum grabs, bag lifters, gas bottle handlers, and snow plough attachments. We also stock a wide range of crane attachments and forklift jibs and hooks as well as other equipment including electric pallet trucks.

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We offer a comprehensive range of height safety gear including safety harnesses and equipment from market leading company Yale, which are manufactured under ISO9002 accreditation. We also stock identification systems to help with all aspects of health and safety compliance and a variety of forklift safety cages to safely and effectively transport personnel from place to place or from differing heights.

Why buy from Lifting365?

Lifting365 has built up a solid reputation for supplying the best-quality lifting, material handling and height safety equipment to some of the biggest companies in Wales. Our distribution network is second to none, which enables us to stock more products on our website and to guarantee fast delivery times to anywhere in the world. Our equipment is made by the finest brands with incredible reputations for quality, durability and innovation. Our products come with test certification, so you can be sure that your equipment is safe and reliable. We combine our exceptional range with excellent customer service – we are there to help you in any aspect of your purchase, whether it’s finding the right product for your job or tracking your package once it is dispatched. Got a question? We are waiting to help! Just call us or email at any time.

  • Orders are typically dispatched within 3 working days*
  • Test certificates with every product
  • Competitive prices and discounts
  • Reputable brand names
  • Worldwide shipping

Browse Popular Products

chain block

Chain Blocks

We stock manual chain blocks ranging in capacity from 250kg right up to 5,000kg, to offer plenty of options when it comes to lifting and pulling power.

Beam Clamps

Beam Clamps

Browse our comprehensive range of Beam Clamps and Beam Trolleys, which are available in fixed, push or geared varieties to be used as a suspension point on beams.

lifting slings

Chain Slings

Grade 8 chain slings are supplied in single, double, three, and four leg with different end hook options including swivel, sling and self-locking hooks.

pallet truck

Pallet trucks

Powered pallet trucks are useful for moving pallets in very confined areas both easily and quietly, with no damage to surroundings, pallets and goods. 

picture of material handling equipment in Wales

Forklift Extensions

Hydraulic jacks are universally popular tools for use in workshops or on site for construction, shipbuilding, power plants, general engineering, metal fabrication and more.

crane lift attachments

Crane Attachments

The Forklift/Telehandler Low Profile Crane Jib gives long-reach capabilities for picking up a product that is difficult to palletise, or for handling tools from inaccessible positions.