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Forklift Safety Cage
£666.71 (inc VAT)
£555.59 (ex VAT)
Forklift Safety Cage - Front Gate
Forklift Safety Cage - Front Gate
£823.28 (inc VAT)
£686.07 (ex VAT)
Forklift Safety Cage - Side Gate
Forklift Safety Cage - Side Gate
£883.89 (inc VAT)
£736.58 (ex VAT)
Forklift Safety Cage - Raised
Forklift Safety Cage - Raised
From £1,252.60 (inc VAT)
£1,043.83 (ex VAT)
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Forklift Safety Cage - 'Ultimate'
Forklift Safety Cage - 'Ultimate'
£1,484.94 (inc VAT)
£1,237.45 (ex VAT)
Forklift Safety Cage for Covid
Forklift Safety Cage for Covid
£1,616.26 (inc VAT)
£1,346.88 (ex VAT)

What to look out for when buying a Forklift Safety Cage

Forklift safety cages are also known as non-integrated working platforms or man baskets, and can accommodate single or multiple workers, depending on the model and the work involved. They are a viable alternative when a ladder or scaffolding is not suitable for any reason; however, they are meant as a temporary solution to accessing high places for reaching or repair work. Forklift safety cages are suitable for a wide range of common jobs, including warehouse picking, construction, building inspection and repairs to high ceilings, walls and machinery.

When choosing the right cage for you, a number of considerations must be taken into account. Capacity is the most important of these; you must consider if you need the cage to accommodate one or two people, their weight and the weight of any tools that will be needed in the cage too. Other important features to look out for include conformity to HSE guidance note PM28, grilled mesh back guards to protect fingers and limbs, auto locking safety gates, non-slip floors with drain holes, a kick rail to prevent tools from falling out, safety hand rails and safety harness anchorage, and compatibility with the forklift and the job. It’s important to remember than forklifts are designed to carry objects, not people, and so a forklift cage attachment is meant as a temporary solution to working at height – and as they provide more stability and convenience than other methods of working at height, they are a great investment for any business.

Safety is paramount, and personnel using forklift cages must be fully trained and aware of the possible hazards when assembling and using these cages. Lifting365 stocks a variety of forklift safety cages for sale and can guarantee that they are all PM28 compliant, are CE marked and are fully tested and certified to comply with latest health and safety regulations. You can be certain that our forklift safety cages enable emergency working at height duties in a safe and risk-free manner. If you need any further information or advice on choosing a forklift cage, please contact one of our customer relations personnel, who are always available to answer any questions you may have.

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