Variety of hydraulic toe jacks

Hydraulic Toe Jacks

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10 Ton Pfaff MHS100 Hydraulic Lifting Jack
10t Pfaff MH Hydraulic Lifting Jack
£502.00 (inc VAT)
£418.33 (ex VAT)
5 tonne toe jack
5t Pfaff MH Hydraulic Lifting Jack
£401.00 (inc VAT)
£334.17 (ex VAT)
BVA Hydraulic Toe Jack
BVA Hydraulic Toe Jack
From £578.00 (inc VAT)
£481.67 (ex VAT)
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25 Ton Pfaff MH Hydraulic Lifting Jack
25t Pfaff MH Hydraulic Lifting Jack
£1,553.00 (inc VAT)
£1,294.17 (ex VAT)

Hydraulic Toe Jacks

Whether you're lifting machinery or hefty objects, trust in hydraulic toe jacks for precision and power. Our range of hydraulic toe jacks, conveniently available in different capacities. Manufactured by renowned companies Pfaff and Yale BVA, these versatile lifting jacks can be used both vertically and horizontally, making them perfect for low-height lifting and confined workspace challenges. With options in 5 tons, 10 tons, and 25 tons, our Pfaff MHS Hydraulic Lifting Jacks excel in delicate operations, offering precise control for even your most demanding tasks.

In addition, the 5 ton and 10 ton jacks feature a 360-degree rotatable rotating claw, making light work of loads. The 5-ton and 10-ton models feature a carry handle, while the 25-ton model features a carriage. Pump levers can also be removed for even better mobility. These useful toe jacks can be used in every position. A hand pump lifts the load (heavy machinery or similar loads), while a precision lowering valve is used to bring the load down. A pressure control valve is included to increase the service life of the jack.

Other features include integrated lifting limitation and a low application height of the class. A large base plate offers the toe jack a high level of stability. Hydraulic toe jacks are ideal for getting under and lifting heavy equipment with very low minimum ground clearance. They are also perfect for delicate operations where precise lowering control is needed.

We supply Pfaff MHS Lifting Jacks, which operates on a hydraulic system. The user simply applies manual force on the jack handle, which is connected to a built-in pump mounted on to the jack body. Pumping the jack handle builds up pressure in the hydraulic circuit, which extends the length of the cylinder, thus raising the load. These jacks are easy to operate, precise and suitable for a wide range of jobs. They are used in a variety of industries, including construction, material handling, bridge building, marine and shipbuilding, machinery installation, plant construction, industrial machinery adjustments, offshore oil and gas rigs, research facilities, automotive, manufacturing and aerospace.

Our Pfaff MHS Hydraulic Lifting Jacks are market leaders thanks to their stable construction and hard-chromium plated piston rod. As with all our products, each toe jack comes CE marked, tested and certified, so you can be sure that your chosen jack is high quality, durable and ideal for your job. If you need help selecting the right hydraulic toe jack for your needs, just contact our experienced customer service team with any questions.