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Mustang Kerb Side Gripping Lifter
Probst SZ Paving Brick Removal Tool
59kg Pedestrian Salt Spreader
Mustang Kerb and Slab High Handle Lifter
Pfaff HP Lift Trolley
Pfaff HP Lift Trolley
£482 (ex vat)
Mustang Kerb and Slab Lifter
2000kg Camlok TTB Big Bag Lifter
Pfaff HX Scissor Lift Tables
Pfaff HX Scissor Lift Tables
From £282 (ex vat)
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3000kg Pfaff Manual Pallet Truck
3000kg Yale Fixed Wheeled Moving Skates
2000kg Pfaff 'Extra Wide' Manual Pallet Truck
22kg Pedestrian Salt Spreader
Probst Adjustable Paving Block Transport Cart Trolley
1500kg Logitrans Mover Electric Pallet Truck
Steerman RPB Roller Pinch Bars
Steerman RPB Roller Pinch Bars
From £101 (ex vat)
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20 Ton Steerman Caterpillar Skates
Pfaff HV Hydraulic Hand Stacker
Pfaff HV Hydraulic Hand Stacker
From £797 (ex vat)
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45kg Pedestrian Salt Spreader
2500kg Yale Fixed Wheeled Moving Skates

Material Handling Explained Futher

In short, we supply everything you need to move and handle your materials, no matter how big or cumbersome. A major section within our material handling products is our range of forklift attachments. Forklifts are an important investment for any material handling business, and our selection of attachments and tools help you make the most of your forklift. We provide accessories for lifting drums, big bags, gas bottles, and wheelies bins as well as heavy duty extensions for lifting pallets. Use your forklift as a snow plough or for clearing debris with our snow blades and yard scrapers. For more conventional material handling, we stock a wide range of forklift extensions, drum grabs and booms. Lifting365 also stocks all types of forklift jibs and hooks, which include raised and low-profile jibs, regular and raised forklift jib extenders, and adjustable forklift mounted hooks. If a crane is your preferred method of lifting and moving on a bigger site, we supply a large range of crane attachments for lifting pallets, gas bottles, and big bags. Our self-levelling pallet crane forks are equipped with a smooth and reliable self-balancing action that ensures the forks are level when loaded. Our big bag handlers are designed to lift and transport large bags safely and securely. And, the universal crane slung gas cylinder handler is the perfect solution for handling gas bottles via an overhead crane or via a forklift truck fitted with a lifting jib/hook. If you don’t have a crane or a forklift, we have plenty of material handling systems to suit your particular job. Our scissor lift tables are ideal for the independent lifting and supplying of light to medium loads within a working environment. With load-moving capacities of 1 tonne up to 100 tonnes, load moving skates are designed for professional load movers. And our powered pallet trucks move many different pallets in very confined areas both easily and quietly, using a combination of electric controls, a powerful motor and high performance hydraulic pump for smooth lifting of the load.