Yale VSM Hydraulic Safety Check Valve

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Yale VSM hydraulic safety check valves in the UK. These safety-check valves are used for those applications where pressure drops must be avoided (e.g. holding of a lifted load). Depending on the location in a hydraulic circuit, these valves can have different functions. The model VSM-11 can be directly screwed into the oil port of a hydraulic cylinder and works at this location as a “hose break fuse“. The design of the VSM-21 is suitable for a combination with VHP directional valves. At this location the VSM-21 ensures that the pressure is held precisely and that pressure drops caused by operating the directional valve are avoided.
After closing the relief valve (hand wheel) the cylinder can be advanced via the by-pass. In direction to the cylinder the valves always have free flow. The built-in check valve ensures that a pressurized cylinder (e.g. a lifted load) is held precisely in stop position. A smooth lowering speed can be adjusted by opening the throttle valve (hand wheel) in order to relieve the pressure. A safety pressure valve protects the cylinder from being overloaded by external loading. 


Specification sheet: pdf
Origin: United Kingdom
Model number:  VSM
Options: VSM-11 | For fitting directly into a hydraulic cylinder
VSM-21 | For fitting to directional control valve

Documentation: CE Marked and comes with Certification

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