Yale PY Portable Hydraulic Power Pumps

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Yale PY portable hydraulic power pumps in the UK. These light-weight, yet powerful two-stage pumps, are specifically designed for maintenance and repair jobs. Operating pressure max. 700 bar, two-stage design, motor start is via a remote pendant control (1.8m) with push-button operation low voltage control. Depending on their type, they can either operate single-acting or double-acting hydraulic cylinders. The ideal combination of manually operated valve and remote pendant control provides the operator with ample freedom of motion and ensures a safe “holding of the load“. The remote pendant control (1.5m) is used to start the motor even under full load. The function for both manual valves is as follows: – advance – stop – return – With their light weight and convenient carrying handle, these pumps can be easily transported. Pumps are equipped with thermal overload protection and are supplied with hydraulic oil.
Operation of the power pump PY-04/2/5/2M:
The 2/2-way manual valve operates together with a pilot operated unloading valve, so that the two valve positions result in the following two control possibilities:
1. Cylinder holds pressure after motor stop.
2. Cylinder automatically retracts after motor stop.


    Specification sheet: pdf
    Origin: United Kingdom


    PY-04/2/5/2 M | 5 litre
    PY-04/2/5/4 M | 6.5 litre
    PYE-03/3/10/3 M | 10 litre
    PYE-03/3/10/4 M | 10 litre

    Documentation: CE Marked and comes with Certification

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