Yale AYH Hydraulic Cylinder Clevis Eye Mountings

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SKU: AYH-5-1

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Yale AYH Hydraulic Cylinder Clevis eye mountings in the UK. These clevis eye mountings are screwed onto the piston and bottom of the hydraulic cylinder, in those cases where conditions require pivoting of the cylinder. 


Specification sheet: pdf
Origin: United Kingdom
Model number:  AYS
Options: AYH-5-1 | for Cylinder Base
AYH-10-1 | for Cylinder Base
AYH-20-1 | for Cylinder Base
AYH-5-2 | for Piston
AYH-10-2 | for Piston
AYH-20-2 | for Piston
Documentation: CE Marked and comes with Certification

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