Steel Beam Lifting Scissor Grab Clamp

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The TPR Steel Beam Lifting Scissor Grab in the UK or also known as Steel Beam Lifting Scissor Clamps are designed for transport of steel girders, profile steel, etc. It boasts a large jaw capacity, which makes it useful for various flange widths. The clamping jaws press securely with a positive fit to the steel beam. The TPR Steel Beam Lifting Scissor Grab capacity options range from 500kg up to 3000kg. This Steel Beam Lifting Scissor Grab is the ideal tool for transporting steel beams safety.


Specification Sheet:

Steel Beam Lifting Scissor Grab Clamp


United Kingdom

Capacity options:

500kg, 1500kg, 3000kg

Jaw opening capacity:

500kg : 0mm up to 200mm

1500kg : 0mm up to 300mm

3000kg : 0mm up to 300mm


CE Marked and come with Certification

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