Probst FZ Flat Grab Lifting Clamp

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The Probst FZ Flat Grab Lifting Clamp in the UK is an ideal lifting clamp for lifting concrete panels, concrete slabs or concrete fencing panels. The Probst FZ Flat Clamp may only be used for the vertical transport of individual panels with parallel surfaces. It is also possible to erect hoizontal panels and to put down upright panels. The panel must be of sufficient construction to withstand the forces during transport. 

Specification Sheet:  probst_fz_flat_grab_lifting_clamp
Brand: Probst Material Handling
Origin:  United Kingdom
Model: FZ
Lifting Capacity:  800kg
Clamping Range:  From 0mm up to 60mm
Weight: 6kg
Documentation: CE marked and comes with Certification


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