Pfaff S24 Hand Operated Gearbox

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Drives: hand operated gearbox.

Can be used as a rotary actuator, as a gearbox for cable winches or as a gearbox for chain drives.

The worm gear drives are suitable for a large variety of applications in construction for moving or turning loads, as gears for rope drums or chain sprockets or slewing drives.

  • Enclosed housing for the protection of parts inside.
  • Enclosed and precisely machined gear for little effort and a long service life.
  • Easy and safe operation.
  • Load is held securely due to self locking worm gear.
  • Self locking.

With diecast aluminium housing suitable for use in hostile environments. Machined Phosphor Bronze worm wheel and hardened worm shaft fitted with teflon sintered bearings to reduce effort.


    Origin: United Kingdom
    Ratio: 24:1
    Driving torque: 36 daN m
    Effort on crank: 22kg
    Total shaft length: 200mm
    Shaft diameter: 36mm
    Hole distance: 135mm / 60mm
    Hole diameter: 13mm
    Documentation: CE Marked and comes with Certification
    Specification sheet: pdf

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