Pedestrian Magnetic Sweeper

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This hand held magnetic sweeper provides the perfect solution for picking up small ferrous metal objects, such as nails, nuts, bolts, paperclips and metal shavings from a workshop or garage floor. The magnetic sweeper is also popular with horse owners for removing nails and other metal objects from bedding and courtyards, reducing the risk of foot injuries to the horses.

With stainless steel construction and large rubber wheels with puncture proof tyres, the handle of the magnet can also be removed to aid  transportation, Releasing and dropping of the metal debris from the magnet is carried out by a simple to operate release mechanism, which is also contained within the magnets handle.


  • Simple light weight design
  • Stainless steel construction
  • Requires no external power to operate
  • Large rubber roller wheels with puncture proof tyres
  • Removable handle to aid transportation
  • Release mechanism within handle to allow metal debris to be dropped
  • Capable of lifting up to 5kg


Origin: United Kingdom
Model Number(s): PPM-400
Width: 400mm
Grade: Ferrite Magnet
Capabile of lifting up to: 5kg
Type: Hand Held
Documentation: CE Marked and comes with Certification
Specification sheet: pdf

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