230kg Fork Mounted Raised Jib

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Our raised height forklift and telehandler jib is the ideal jib attachment for lifting and conveying loads which are not suitable for, or do not require, palletising. The raised height position of the lifting beam on this forklift and telehandler jib helps give the lift truck operator improved visibility.

Manufactured to the highest quality, the raised height forklift and telehandler jib comes with a fixed beam length of 1800mm and four different lifting location points for added versatility.

The first lifting hole position on this particular forklift jib is at 1000mm and the last lifting hole position is at 1750mm.

The lifting capacity of the forklift jib is based on the forklift trucks own capacity, therefore ensuring the lifting jib can be operated risk free within the safety limits of the forklift truck

With heel pin retention for safe securement to the forklift truck, and a hook and shackle supplied as standard, our raised height forklift jib is the ideal choice for long reach load handling, and like all our forklift truck attachments, will come fully tested and certified to comply with the latest Health & Safety Regulations.

  • Raised hook position for improved visibility whilst keeping hook off the ground when jib is left standing
  • Jib rated to suit the capacity of the lift truck, reducing wear and tear on the lift truck and possibility of overloading
  • Multiple hook positions for flexible load handling whilst reducing handling costs
  • Long jib arm to reach otherwise inaccessible places (i.e. machinery motors), helping to reduce factory maintenance costs
  • Large fork pockets for instant drive in fitting, making jib quick and simple to fit and remove from lift truck
  • Heel retaining pins to ensure the jib is safely and securely fastened to the lift truck forks
  • CE marked and supplied with Certificate of Conformity for Health & Safety Regulations


    Origin: United Kingdom
    Model Number(s): FMJ 500-0.8
    Overall Jib Length: 1800mm
    Jib Capacity(kg) @ Load Centre(mm): 230kg @ 1750mm
    Jib Capacity(kg) @ Load Centre(mm): 310kg @ 1500mm
    Jib Capacity(kg) @ Load Centre(mm): 380kg @ 1250mm
    Jib Capacity(kg) @ Load Centre(mm): 500kg @ 1000mm
    Truck capacity: 1000kg
    Number of lifting points: Four
    Hook and shackle: Yes
    Fork Spread: 510mm
    Documentation: CE Marked and comes with Certification
    Specification sheet: pdf

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