Forklift Wheel Cover Snow Socks

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The Forklift Wheel Cover Snow Socks in the UK are the perfect solution to keep your forklifts moving during the winter. The forklift snow sock (AutoSock) which are sold in pairs can be quickly and simply fitted over the driving wheels of the forklift, thus giving the forklift enough grip to start moving again.

The Forklift Snow Cover Snow Socks are cheaper and easier to install than snow chains. These heavy duty ribbed textile wheel covers with an elastic edge are the ideal winter accessory to ensure your forklifts don't get stuck in the snow. Each set of snow socks come supplied with a pair of elbow length gloves to protect shirt sleeves.


  • Quick and easy fitment, before or after the forklift gets stuck.
  • No practice or special training required for fitting.
  • Reusable until they become worn.
  • Minimum weight, less than 1kg.
  • Will give excellent service life provided they are used sensibly in accordance with manufacturer's instructions.
  • Supplied with a pair of elbow length gloves to protect shirt.


Specification Sheet:

Forklift Wheel Cover Socks


United Kingdom

Number of items in pack:

2 (Sold in pairs)

Tyre Size \   Model options:

Inches   \ Model

18 x 7-8 \ AF12

6.00 x 9 \ AF16

6.50 x 10 \ AF16

7.00 x 12 \ AF20

8.15 x 15 \ AF24

28 x 9-15 \ AF24

8.25 x 15 \ AF28

355/65/R15 \ AF32

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