Using Skates for Moving Heavy Objects

For those who need to move heavy objects or loads, it can be difficult choosing the right tool for the job. If you’re in this position, you’ve likely heard of loading skates, otherwise known as machine skates. You might be debating whether you should use skates for your heavy objects and if so, you’ve come to the right place. Below, we’re going to discuss everything you need to know about them and whether you should get one.


How to use moving skates

The first thing you’ll need to use for loading skates is toe jacks, which are also called floor jacks. These jacks are needed because they can place your heavy objects onto the skates. Depending on the size and shape of your object, you’ll likely need four jacks to lift it properly and safely.


The best part about using jacks is that you don’t have to do any work. When you’ve lifted your heavy object with the jacks, you can slide your skates under the object and lower the jacks. The skates should be placed so that the weight is distributed evenly across them. You’ll also need to place the steering bars to stabilize the machine. From here, you can move it around safely.


Keep in mind that the better the quality of the skates, the better off you are in the long-run. When you’re lifting heavy machinery, you don’t want the loading skates to fail. The best loading skates are tear and weather-resistant. That’s why we have products like our 60-Ton S60 Steerman Loading Skates. Our skates come with test certificates and are shipped within 1-2 days.

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The Benefits of Using Loading Skates

Loading skates come packed with a plethora of benefits. Here, we’re going to explore some of the reasons why you should invest in these machines.


1.    They prevent floor damage

Trying to drag or move heavy objects often results in damage to flooring. The right moving skates will prevent scratches and broken tiles because the heavy objects aren’t touching the ground. Instead, the loading skates will be supporting the weight of the object.



2.    They’re versatile

This is one of the main reasons why people decide to buy moving or loading skates. There are dozens of models available online, which ensures that you can have the right machine for your needs. That’s why we have models like our 30 Ton Steerman Caterpillar Skates and our Nylon Wheeled Skates. You have plenty of options, however, your choice will depend on the weight of your load or the size of your desired skates.

Steel wheels, for example, can be attached to the majority of skates. That being said, the standard material for wheels is usually polyurethane, which provides users with a higher loading capacity. If you’re anticipating moving on an uneven surface, you can buy swivellingwheels to make this easier. If your load is going to be especially heavy or large, you can combine skates to move the process easier.

3.    They’re safe

We briefly mentioned this above, but having loading skates significantly increases the safety of your move. This is especially true if you work in an industry that requires the frequent moving and lifting of heavy objects.


In industries that do require heavy lifting, injuries are prevalent. That’s why it’s so important to have the right equipment. A loading skate allows you to avoid taking on too much weight, so you will have virtually no weight to carry. For those who have back injuries, a loading skate is absolutely necessary.


4.    Easy to use

We already provided you with the instructions on how to use loading skates. While it might be overwhelming at first, you don’t need to go through special training or certifications to use this machinery. Rather than lugging around heavy equipment or trying to move the objects yourself, steering bars simplify and speed up the process. Their versatility also ensures that you can use the skates that are easiest for you to use.

Additionally, load moving skates don’t require much maintenance. The materials they’re made from make it especially easy for you to grab a rag and clean them off once you’re done using them.

Final Thoughts

Skates are some of the best ways to ensure that you’re safe when moving heavy objects. They also provide you with versatility and ease of use, which are favorable features for those who suffer from back injuries or who have already been hurt due to lifting heavy objects. Another bonus for those who are considering these machines is that they provide you with an easy way to move heavy objects without requiring you to attend additional trainings or certifications.


If you have any questions, you can contact us today! We have a range of lifting and material handling products to assist with your workplace. Click here to see all our products.