Forklift Mounted Hooks - Adjustable Vs Fixed

Forklift mounted hooks have been designed to add even more functionality to your forklift. There can be numerous situations when you may require lifting an object or machinery part from one location to another on your worksite, if you don't have a tool for the job already and have a forklift available then this could be a great cost effective solution to your lifting needs.

Having the ability to lift an item by hook is a great additional feature to your forklift or telehandler. We will take a look at the various hook mounted attachments available and compare the adjustable to the fixed hook mount to see which is better or why both may have their own advantages. There are so many options for lifting parts or machinery from forklifts or telehandlers but to do it safely using attachments that have been tested to ensure they meet the lifting guidelines and safety regulations is important.



Adjustable forklift mounted hooks offer the cheaper solution compared to the fixed hook. What makes the hook fixed in place is that it is held in place by anchor bars that are located behind the fork heel, this is ideal for when you do not require the ability to move the hook either up or down the forks, this anchor bar is for safety purposes and gives peace of mind that the attachment is held in securely.

Many items will be lifted from the center-top of the forks anyway giving a good amount of lifting capacity from this position. In certain positions the amount of lifting capacity is reduced because the load will inevitably be further away from the load center.

The benefit of the adjustable fork mounted hook is that because is can be moved along the forks length its lifting capacity can be at the forklifts maximum capacity if the attachment is placed in the correct position. The only restriction then is the size and width of the load being lifted, it must not be touching the forklifts carriage when lifted to ensure the load is lifted evenly and without getting damaged.

The overall size of the adjustable attachment is smaller than the fixed attachment this is important to keep in mind for storage of your attachments when they are not in use. The fixed mounted hook is larger in size and will take up more space when storing it. The adjustable hook is much more compact as it is one bar which slides into both forks. This is more compact and will improve storage capacities.


There are many uses for a forklift mounted hook, as this attachment turns your forklift into a mobile crane unit.

Lifting loads

A forklift mounted hook can be used to lift those awkward, heavy objects that a single person cannot lift. Even if is a small item, attaching it to the hook is quick and easy. Avoid lifting awkward loads as much as possible this will benefit workers in the long run as injuries can sometimes be due to cumulative strain from repetitive lifting.


Care should be given when attaching the load to the hook to avoid hitting the tips of the forks as these can be a source of injury to workers. Workers attaching or removing loads should be wearing safety gear such as a helmet for protection.

These forklift attachments suit many different industries from factories, mining, construction, steel fabrication and scrap yards for moving car parts, the list goes on as to where these attachments can be used they are versatile and durable and will easily last many years. This is a great attachment to have on forklifts as it utilises the forklifts own lifting abilities and makes lifting more quick and easy, these should definitely be considered when looking for hook attachments for your forklift.



As an alternative to other lifting solutions these forklift mounted hooks are very cost effective. The adjustable mounted hook being more so as it is the cheaper option of the two. The starting price for adjustable fork mounted hooks starts at 209 euro with a lifting capacity of 1000 kg. Whereas the starting price for fixed mounted hooks start at 428 euro for 1000 kg lifting capacity.

It comes down to your lifting requirements, the range of capacities of these types of attachments goes from 1000 kg up to 5000 kg, offering a good level of variation in lifting capabilities to suit your needs.


As the forks on a forklift come in different size widths, it is important to know what fork width is on your forklift truck to make sure the attachment will fit and be secured in place. Some attachments will accommodate a wider range of fork widths such as the adjustable fork mounted hook with big pockets, this has been designed to be used on larger forks and is a good option to have if you have multiple forklift trucks with varying sized forks on your worksite.

Having tools that are adjustable and flexible in terms of the machines they can fit on gives you more flexibility when it comes to utilising machines. Having an attachment that can fit on multiple sized forks is better than an attachment only being able to fit on a standard sized fork.


Make sure your forklift truck is suitable for adding attachments to, are your forks in good condition to lift and carry an attachment. It is important to check the specifications of the attachment and forklift before making a purchase of attachments. Checking for any damage or wear to the forks especially the underside on the tips as this is a point of contact with the ground that they tend to wear away first.

When purchasing these forklift mounted hooks it is recommended to know what weight of loads you wish to be carrying, buying a size or two above your requirements will be beneficial in the long run, as this will ensure your attachment is not under too much load all the time, this way the product will last longer.


When storing your forklift attachments you should ensure they are kept in a dry environment that is free from any corrosive material which could degrade the strength overtime. Storing and maintaining your equipment will ensure the longevity of the attachment product. As like most products they can be prone to rusting and damage if just left outside in the elements and bad weather.

Before using your forklift mount hook inspect it to make sure there is no visible signs of damage or wear, the same should be done before storing it away when you will not be using it, checking frequently ensures your equipment is in the best of shape and in proper working order.

When lifting heavy loads it is vital that all your equipment is fit for purpose, avoiding accidents or injury is critical to a safe working environment.



Does your forklift have the capacity to lift loads with these types of attachments? The capacities for these attachments range from 1000 kg up to 5000 kg.

Don't lift loads that are heavier than the rated capacity for the attachment or forklift truck itself, this can result in damaging the hook or mount and also put the safety of those around the load in danger.

Forklift operators and equipment managers should keep in mind the following when working with attachments or forklifts:

  • All forklift operators must be properly trained when carrying out work on the forklift.
  • The attachments on the forklift will count towards the load capacity on your forklift.
  • For documentation and legal purposes if the forklift is outfitted with any attachment this makes the forklift partially loaded, even though the forklift may not be carrying a load.
  • Training must be done for all new attachments even if the forklift driver has been trained on a particular forklift, if a new attachment gets added then they must be trained on that new attachment.

  • When using the forklift with the new attachment in place, this may put the weight distribution off and will likely be different from the standard use without the attachment fitted, this is why training is imperative to safe operations.


Forklifts are already a brilliant and useful tool on almost all worksites, adding attachments only adds to the forklifts impressive range of features, with the mounted hook attachment, this turns the forklift into a mobile crane, mobility and lifting combined make these attachments what they are, a versatile and highly efficient tool.

We offer a range of these forklift mounted hooks with options such as being adjustable to move up and down the fork length or once which are fixed in position offering a strong and secure lifting position. All of our attachments for forklifts come certified and meet safety regulations.