Easy Bin Handling using Forklift Attachments

Forklift Bin Handlers are a practical attachment and make a great addition to your forklift tools, I will talk about the variety of Forklift waste management attachments, such as the wheelie bin handlers, wheelie bin tippers and our range of Base Emptying Stillages that we currently have available. These products are quick and easy to attach making it a safe and practical product to own, not only are bin handlers efficient for waste management but they save space and ensure forklifts are used efficiently, and to their potential.

I will go through the features of theses products and discuss which bin handlers that may suit your needs depending on your requirements, space is usually the most limiting factor when it comes to waste disposal, and to find a product that is practical and suitable can be a big advantage when it comes to efficient workflow. Forklift trucks can be found on many work sites they are a common sight and a very useful tool to have, making use of your forklifts can be done by having forklift attachments.



  • Ease of use

These base emptying stillages offer a practical solution to managing waste, there ease of use with a forklift is why they are a favourite tool to use on many construction sites and manufacturing sites. With the optional automatic release available, this reduces the need for the operator to even leave the cab, making this not only easier but also a safer option for those involved.

  • Can be moved to different locations

Forklifts and telehandlers can easily pick these bins up and move them to a suitable area, as with many types of bins they usually need to be moved on a regular basis whether it's due to manufacturing being moved from one area to another, having the ability to move and relocate these bins is a great advantage. Castor wheels are also an additional option for some models, making it easy to transport manually when needed.

  • An Affordable option

These stillages are an affordable option when it comes to collecting waste and debris around your work site. They come in a range of sizes to suit your requirements and with equally suitable prices.

  • Fitting the attachments quickly and easily

As with any many forklift attachments fitting and attaching plays an important part to ensure it meets the requirements of the customer and ease of use, they have been designed and built with the safety of the operator in mind, the automatic release variant ensures risk is minimised as much as possible reducing manual handling.


1100L Forklift Wheelie Bin Tipper


240L Wheelie Bin Handler

The use of wheelie bins as waste receptacles is still commonly done in the workplace. They are liked for there lightweight mobile design that can make positioning and moving small distances much easier. When it comes to emptying them then this can prove to be problematic, these range of wheelie bin tippers have been designed to overcome this problem by allowing 660 Ltr to 1100 Ltr wheelie bins to be easily lifted and safely emptied with the use of a forklift truck.

The way it operates is that the wheelie bin tipper simply fits easily to the forks of the forklift truck, using the specially designed lifting slots, the bin handler can then be positioned onto and lift up the wheelie bins using the side bars. There are no moving such as wires or pulleys which reduces costs and associated maintenance costs. The wheelie bin is simply positioned against the side of the waste bin, using implied forward motion, the bin then rotates to the required angle allowing for the wheelie bin contents to be emptied. This wheelie bin handler offers quick, simple and safe method when it comes to lifting large wheelie bins of large capacities.


These are a popular forklift attachment, suitable for wheelie bins of 90 Ltr to 240 Ltr. The mid size wheelie bin is a practical and useful bin to have, having an attachment then to move and empty these bins can only prove to be practical and efficient. The operation of this bin handler is simple to use, the bin handler easily picks up the wheelie bin using the bins handle.

Then using a pull cord which is attached to the wheel, with the other end being fed through the winch located at the top of the bin handler, when pulled the wheelie bin will pivot forward allowing the lid to be opened when the forklift mast is raised and the winch is operated.

What is great about this wheelie bin handler is that it reduces the risk of back injury to the operator, it is also painted in a high gloss yellow to highlight visibility on the forklift truck making it safer. When it comes to attaching the forklift attachment it is kept in place using strong T screw retention that screws onto the forklift forks. For added convenience, these wheelie bin handlers are supplied with a locating stand for quick and easy fitment to the forklift which reduces downtime. They also come fully tested and certified to meet current health and safety regulations.

Forklift Base Emptying Stillages


These bins are a great product giving you easy movement either with the castors or using a forklift trucks, the pockets are located on the top of the bin, as the base of these bins comes free to dispose of the contents within. This method of disposing of waste is efficient because it can be lifted over other larger bins to dispose of the waste using a forklift and the bins can be easily stacked on top of each other for better storage use.

These base emptying stillages have a good range in capacity from 0.5 meters cubed to 2 meters cubed holding up to 1500kg.

Using The Base Emptying Stillage

When the bin becomes full, emptying them is really a quick and simple operation, it is emptied via the bottom opening hinged base which is done with a manual wire pull cord. The base can then be closed automatically when the stillage is lowered back down to the ground. These stillages perform well where space is at a premium.

The construction of these stillages are tough and durable, build using 2mm thick steel side plates and 3mm thick base plate they offer a long service life. They are supplied with a safety chain to ensure they are attached to the forklifts fork and will not become unattached. These are quality products that come fully test and certified do come in line with the latest health & safety regulations.




  • Must be convenient to use

  • Affordable attachments

  • Storage space

  • Ease of use to train operators


  • Attaching the tipping skips

When attaching forklift bin handlers always inspect to make sure it is fit for purpose and no damaged or worn parts are present. Ensure the area is clear to work in and that no pedestrians are in any immediate risk when the forklift is operating. Make sure to attach the chain link to fasten the bin handler to the truck ensuring it does not come loose at any stage causing injury. It is important to know the dangers when operating forklifts with attachments and minimise all the risks involved.

  • Training and Retraining

Ensure all operators of the forklift are properly trained to work on the machinery provided and that they are certified fully. It is also important to keep in mind that when new attachments are added to the forklift, retraining for the operators should take place, as they will be unfamiliar with how the new attachment works.

  • Knowing the capacities involved and specifications

For safe operations, it's vital to know about the forklifts working capacity and specifications. Adding attachments to the forklift can change the capacity, this should be kept in mind when working with them. Each of the attachments will come with there capacity and safe working limits written in their specification and information for the forklift operator should then be updated.


As with any forklift attachment, when they are used correctly they can become tremendously useful tools to have at your disposal, making work even more efficient and productive for managing all of your waste material and debris. Your individual needs will determine the  products that you need, whether your business is based in the food industry, a factory site or any industrial site or business, there are multiple types of bin handlers and bins available that may suit your needs.

With many industrial uses for forklift bins and bin handlers its good to have an overview and sense of their practicalities and features. You can also have a look on our website to view our forklift bins and bin handler products more closely and see which will suit your waste management needs.