Standard Manhole Cover Lifter (Pair)


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These Standard Manhole and Drain Cover Lifters provide a safe and easy-to-use method of lifting and moving covers.

Incorporation two sets of rollers at the end of the lifter, the lifter locates either directly or through adaptor bars to the cover keyholes.

The rollers serve as a fulcrum point when downward pressure is applied to the handle,lifting the cover with minimal effort to reduce the risk of back injury to the operators.

The Standard Cover Lifters with rigid handles are used in pairs where keyholes are on the edge of the cover.


  • Safe, one or two-man operation. 
  • Lightweight for easy deployment and convenient storage. 
  • Stable and easy to manoeuvre. 
  • Heel projection onlifters gives extra leverage to loosen tight or frozen covers prior to lifting.
  • Adaptor bars and keys are available to lift virtually every type of cover.

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