Fully Automatic Drum Lifter Tongs

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Our range of fully automatic drum tongs allows drums to be picked up from the overhead vertical position via a forklift truck (yoke required) or slung beneath an overhead crane hook.

This makes the ideal drum handler for when drums are inaccessible for lifting from the side.

The fully automatic operation of the drum lifting tongs means the whole drum handling operation can be performed without the forklift operator having to leave the seat of the cab. This in turn can help speed up productivity whilst reducing downtime.

Our range of fully automatic drum lifting tongs can come supplied with either 500kg lifting capacity or heavy duty 1000kg lifting capacity and suitable for either 210 litre steel drums or 210 litre plastic drums

With a mild steel construction, the fully automatic drum lifting tongs are painted in high gloss yellow for added visibility, and like all our forklift attachments, come supplied fully tested and certified for compliance with the latest Health & Safety Regulations.


  • Fully automatic in operation so drums can be picked up and released without the truck operator leaving the cab, increasing productivity whilst reducing downtime
  • Grips drums under the top lip reduces investment as this drum lifter will suit most drums
  • Single lifting eye on top for forklift truck use or crane use, allowing flexibility through use of different plant machinery
  • Lightweight construction allows drum lifter to be easily handled, reducing labour time
  • Positive gripping to drum ensures drums can be picked up safely and easily, reducing manual handling costs & increasing Health & Safety
  • CE marked and supplied with Certificate of Conformity to meet Health & Safety Regulations

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Origin:GB Flag Image United Kingdom
Model Number(s):DTG-AU-HD-1, DTG-AU-1
Capacity Options:500Kg or 1000Kg
Drum Types:Steel or Plastic
Type of Operation:Fully Automatic
Documentation:CE Marked and comes with Certification
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