Forklift Safety Cage - Front Gate

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Forklift Safety Cages are suitable as personnel access platforms for exceptional circumstances or unscheduled emergency work.

Suitable for use for one person, this forklift safety cage comes fitted with an inward opening, automatic locking safety gate which ensures the gate cannot be opened once the cage is off the ground.

The safety cage is PM28 compliant and comes supplied with fully test certification.


  • PM28 compliant
  • Self closing, automatic locking front gate for easy access into platform whilst providing a protective barrier when operating at height
  • Security locking system to fork heels ensure the work platform is safely secured to the lift truck
  • Full length fork pockets to provide complete platform stability
  • Harness anchorage points and in-board handholds points for operator safety
  • Perforated back mesh ensures there is a barrier between the platform user and the hazardous areas of the lift truck
  • Anti Slip floor tread with drain holes to avoid accumulation of water and risk of slipping
  • Kickrail to all sides prohibits items left on the floor from falling out at height(i.e. work tools)
  • Painted in safety Golden Yellow finish to aid visibility when in operation on the lift truck
  • Provided with full safety livery and technical rating plate

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Origin:GB Flag Image United Kingdom
Model Number(s):WP-SPG
Method of Entry:Front Gate
Dimensions:1000mm Length x 1000mm Width
Max Fork Size:150mm Width x 50mm Height
Fork Spread:794mm
Documentation:CE Marked and comes with Certification
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