600kg Tecnomagnete Easylift Crane Magnet

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Fixed beam with permanent-electro magnetic modules.

Expressly designed for typical handling requirements in carpentry, to serve cutting machines, in the distribution of steel and service centers.

To handle sheets of various sizes in total flexibility.

Beam in tubular compact construction with onboard electronic unit complete with remote control.

Safe and Reliable

It doesn’t require electrical supply during the handling of the load thus being unaffected by any power failure.

No battery back up required.

The high energy magnets grant constant and high concentrated force on the load with the best performances at indefinite period of time.

The control unit presents additional safety devices:

- Dautanac system allows magnetization/ demagnetization only when the system is on the ground, preventing any accidental deactivation during the handling.

- FCS system checks the magnetic flux on each crossbeams.

Easy and Practical

No moving parts – No wearing – No heat generation – No energy consumption.

The magnetization (MAG) and demagnetization (DEMAG) cycles are performed in a few seconds by a push button.

No residual magnetism.

Lightweight: only 140 kg.

EasyLift optimizes the deposit area

One operator can perform all operations.

The load is clamped from the top, with no need of spacers. No load damage.

No battery backup is required.

No maintenance.

No additional costs.


- 6 permanent-electro magnetic modules

- Fixed beam with hanging chains and ring to the hook for single pull

- Special joint system between magnets and crossbeams

- Electronic compact control unit ST200 with UCS saturation control system and FCS for flux control.

- DUTANAC anti-deactivation device

- TC remote control with MAG / SAFE / DEMAG functions.

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Origin:GB Flag Image United Kingdom
SWL Capacity:600kg
Minimum Thickness:1.5mm
Maximum Minimum:18mm
Minimum Width:1000mm
Maximum Width:2000mm
Minimum Length:2000mm
Maximum Length:3000mm
Documentation:CE Marked and comes with Certification
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