2500kg Battery-Operated Lifting Magnet with Remote Control

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Innovative Technology

The technology of the QUAD SYSTEM patent developed by TECNOMAGNETE has enabled a polar area to be created comprising 4 quadrangular poles arranged in a staggered layout that will be able to generate a large concentrated force through a horizontal and flattened circulation of the magnetic flux.The reversible double magnet circuit enables immediate demagnetising without any residual magnetism.

Total Convenience

The absence of thermal stress in the electro permanent circuit enables the module to remain perfectly cold to ensure extended reliability without requiring specific maintenance. The Bat-Grip lifter combines the advantages of the intrinsic safety typical of an electro-permanent magnetic system with the practical and simple features of a battery-powered electronically controlled unit.

Dautanac System - Anti-Accidental Deactivation

A magnetic sensor prevents operation of the magnetising and demagnetising controls (MAG/DEMAG) whenever handling operations are performed with the load raised above ground level. These operations may only be performed when the lifting hook is not taut or with the load on the ground.

Cycle Frequency

The magnetising and demagnetising cycles last approximately 1 sec.This can be performed using either the remote controller the push-button station on the lifting device.


Bat-Grip can be easily hooked to fixed or mobile lifting plants, thereby ensuring the best ergonomics in the workplace and total safety for the operators and equipment.

Operating Bar

360 degrees tubular protection allows the lifter device to be handled easily, as well as avoiding accidental damage.

Easy Handling

The single block construction and the use of high-energy permanent magnets have made it possible to limit the weight and the size, making it remarkably strong and manageable.

Total Operating Flexibility

Bat Grip enables work to be carried out without space and time limitations inside or outside production areas without electrical connections

Remote Control

The remote control enables the unit to be operated at distances up to 30m, even in areas with difficult accessibility.

Easy to Recharge

Bat Grip is supplied with a built-in battery charger, complete with recharging cable.Recharging can be conveniently carried out at weekends using a voltage of 220-240 V ac. for a period of 8 hours. The magnetising/demagnetising cycles are disabled if the battery charge is insufficient. This is indicated by a bright flashing light.

d.c. Batteries 2x12V d.c.

Capacity: 30Ah

Charging time: 8 hours

Charging voltage: 220/240 V c.a

Battery type: Stationary lead Standardized

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Origin:GB Flag Image United Kingdom
Max Capacity:2500kg
Maximum Length:5000mm
Maximum Width:2500mm
Minimum Thickness:25mm
Documentation:CE Marked and comes with Certification
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