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Manhole Cover Seal Breakers
Mini Lift XL Manhole Cover Lifter Pair
Mustang Kerb Side Gripping Lifter
Easy-Lift Manhole Cover Lifter
Mustang Kerb and Slab Lifter
Mustang Kerb and Slab High Handle Lifter
Pivot Lift Manhole Cover Lifter
Chinook Manhole Cover Lifter
Hydraulic Manhole Cover Lifter Storage Box

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Their rugged designs mean that the tools give years of service under the toughest site conditions with the minimum of maintenance – a must on a busy site or in a productive warehouse or plant. When it comes to manhole cover lifters, Mustang is one of the top names in the industry. To name just a few, the company’s top lifters include the hydraulic manhole cover lifter, the easy-lift manhole cover lifter and the chinook manhole cover lifter. We stock the Mustang range of manhole cover lifters simply because they are made from the best of materials and manufactured to be tough enough for years of service. At Lifting365, we stock a wide range of high quality, robust and durable manhole lifters; all come with certification, so you can have complete confidence in your purchase. Our carefully selected range includes both hydraulic lifters and manual lifters, with something to suit every job and budget. For semi-regular lifting of manhole covers, we stock Mustang’s range of practical and budget-friendly manual manhole cover lifters, with most models now suitable for one or two people to operate. These are also lightweight and compact and can be easily stored in the boot of a car. We stock all types of manual lifters, including budget-friendly basic models that include useful features such as longer handles that prevent the need to bend, therefore reducing the risk of injury. For more regular manhole cover lifting, we stock hydraulic manhole cover lifters from Mustang, ideal if you want a fast and efficient lifter that requires very little effort from the worker. These are a great investment for businesses and individuals who lift covers regularly, and often need to lift heavy manhole covers and covers that may not have been lifted in a long time. Mustang also manufactures other manhole lifting tools, such as seal breakers and storage boxes, which we are delighted to stock at Lifting365. Like all lifting tools and accessories sold by Lifting365, all Mustang products come fully tested and certified. If you need any help or advice on selecting the best Mustang product for your needs, our customer service team is ready to answer any questions you may have.